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Your Go To Daily Wellness Tonic

º Free of Preservatives

º Fresh Ingredients

º Vegan Friendly

º Proudly Australian Made


Anti-Inflammatory, Turmeric Tonic.

Fresh Turmeric Brewed to your liking.

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We Care About your Immunity. A carefully crafted

tonic that takes care of your wellness.

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Drink yourself to Beauty,

and Reduce your Body's Inflammation with

your daily Beauty Tonic.

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Packed with Relaxants to aid in

Reducing your Anxiety and Take

The Edge off the day.

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“I can get really bad really bad period pain and to the point my leg aches and sometimes i couldn’t get out of bed. Thank you
Mrs Toddy as your Ubud Jamu is now a part of my life!”

— Summer Paddington Sydney

I love Mrs Toddy’s
Tonic! I started purchasing Mrs Toddy’s Uluwatu Switchel last winter
during flu season and really helped me get over a bad flu. The
combination of ginger,lemongrass and cloves really works. I now purchase
the rainbow pack range so my whole family get some goodness into them.”

— Grace Balgowlah Heights

“I’m a big fan of Mrs Toddy’s Uluwatu and Kauai Glow,
especially after a night on the town and need with the crew and need to
hyrate the next day. Always seem to spring back.”

— Steve Bondi Sydney

“I have been having Mrs Toddy’s Tonic from when I first
met Sophie at the Beaches markets. I still have it regularly and my
favourite is Ubud JAMU with its turmeric, ginger &lime taste. It
really helped my auto-immune issues and I highly recommend it.”

— Jenny, Sydney

“I have been using Jamu nearly every day for a while
now. I love the taste and I feel better when I’m taking it regularly.

Recently I was sick and couldn’t swallow or tolerate anything except
for Sophie’s Maui Bliss. It was the only liquid I had for 4 days. When I
started to feel better I was having the lemongrass tonic - Uluwatu
Switchel daily. 
 I really felt I was helping my body get better by
taking Sophie’s tonics. Thank you so much Sophie for helping me out. I
was desperate. Much appreciation xxx ”

— Liz, Sydney

“I have graves disease and my eyes are constantly
swollen and watery. With i have Mrs Toddy’s Tonic Ubud Jamu my eyes are
always better. Its the only product on the market which has stopped my
eyes watering all day.”

— Tiffany Brisbane

“I constantly have a sinus issue which never seems to
go away. With Mrs Toddy’s Tonic relives the symptoms my sinus. If I
stop taking the tonic it comes back again.”

— Gen, Sydney

“I suffer anxiety constantly which would mostly effect
me during the night. I started taking Mrs Toddy’s Tonic Maui Bliss and
it definitely helped. I now take the tonic most nights before bed and I
am sleeping through the night.”

— Peter, Sydney

“Mrs Toddy’s Tonic Ubud Jamu is great for my recovery
after training sessions and use it when i can and it makes a difference
for me, especially muscle soreness.”

— Chis, Queensland

Born in Bali then to the Northern Beaches

The Story of Mrs Toddy's Tonic, From a home kitchen to National Retail Stores. Read About Mrs Toddy's Journey.

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Freshly Brewed Ingredients

Made with all Natural Ingredients. Brewed to a magical number that activates the ingredients, then its bottled.

Nothing to HIde

We use clear bottles to show you what is inside our products. No nasties, no sugar, no GMO products and definitely made WITH GOODNESS.

A Daily Health Tonic

Drink yourself to Wellness with our range of Daily Wellness Tonics. We have a range to suit your ailments and make you SHINE FROM THE INSIDE.



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