Mrs Toddy's Sustainability Plan


A cross channel platform of products.  Partnering with Australian farmers, bio-chemists and food tech, to create to an eco system of functional, natural remedies in the “Better For You” category.  Broadening our reach into the health, wellness  and vitamins to increase our reach of customers.

Our sustainability from farm to table is a transparent journey to ensure we can trace, track and show our customers where and how our product is made, stored and ingredients repurposed.

We know our farmers who produce our ginger, turmeric and lemongrass.  Our fresh ingredients is the pinnacle to our product. 

Our herbs, flowers and spices are sustainability sourced all with authentication certificates.  Again we are three steps from the grower. 

Our glass is manufactured in Thailand,  Our product is manufactured by a family company.  We can personally visit the factory if required. Our glass where we can is recycled glass.

Our manufacturing is under solar panels,  Our products are produced in carbon neutral facilities.

We then repurpose all of our ingredients. We currently have grown plants using our ingredients as mulch. 

Our products are stored in carbon neutral facilities. Our products are stored ambient until just before they are sent to the big stores to ensure we use minimal electricity expenditure.

All of our products are transported ambient not using chilled trucks when travelling across the globe and the country.  This is the ensure we use minimal energy expenditure.

Our goal is by the end of 2023 to have a zero waste policy.  We aim to repurpose our ingredients into products.