Why Drink Plant Based Tonics?

What is a Tonic?

Tonics are brewed formulations of super herbs, spices and adaptogens that restore, refresh and invigorate our mind, body and soul. Tonic formulations can give us the capacity to expand and evolve beyond our perceived limits.

Why Drink Tonics?

You will be consuming all-natural goodness that helps boost your immunity and makes you shine from the inside. Drinking a health tonic is an efficient and simple way to get goodness into your body using plant-based adaptogenic herbs. Each tonic is brewed using our unique IP system, combining a specific temperature and process that allows the activates the potency of the herbs. Once this occurs, our tonics are then bottled hot to ensure the level of activation

How Often Do you Drink a Tonic?

The team at Mrs Toddy’s Tonic are advocates of the saying, ‘there is never enough tonic to drink’ ! We consume all of our tonics on a daily basis and are a vibrant happy team of people. We suggest a100 ml shot for your daily dose. Some of our biggest fans simply drink the lot in one go as they can never get enough.

Will Tonics Boost My Immunity?

Each tonic has its own medicinal qualities to nourish and invigorate. Along with quality sleep, good eating habits and exercise, our tonics will help support your immunity.