The Mrs Toddy's range was born from Sophie Todd’s time living in Bali with her family, and her journey into herbal medicine. Sophie formed an interest in Jamu, a traditional Indonesian health tonic which she drank every day to curb the inflammation in her back, and to help her chronic period pain.

Upon returning home from Bali she could not find any Jamu in stores. This led her to creating her plant based health tonics in her kitchen at home. Word spread about Mrs Toddy's Tonics plant-based range and their medicinal properties through the "small village" of Avalon in Sydney's Northern Beaches. What started as a hobby for friends and acquaintances
soon grew to others knocking on her door.

From here Sophie began working with the Indonesian healers to create a variety of formulas that formed the basis of her current range today. Her plant based tonics are functional drinks with health benefits.

Sophie's sole purpose for starting her beverage business was to create a range of drinks that make individuals feel better from the inside out.

Sophie Todd is a lifestyle food enthusiast, wife, mother of two surfers and has a passion for making people feel better through her plant based health tonics.