The new world order is changing by the day, from new diseases that impact on our health and lifestyle, job losses, and fear of the unknown. This all contributes to a lot of anxiety.

Change can be overwhelming for most people and there are some things that we have no control over. If you let the conditions of your environment or the situation of your life determine your mindset then you will struggle. Especially try to avoid focusing on outcomes or expectation of others. Focusing on things you can’t control and want to control is the definition of anxiety, or stress, pressure or worry.

Once you let go of those things you can’t control and focus back on the things you can, like a strategy and growth mindset, you realise the decisions, not the conditions can determine your attitude, mindset and self -worth leading to a better version of yourself and a new calm.

When you find yourself at that fork in the road and want to create this better version of yourself, start planning a process that you believe is achievable.

Then develop a timeline with some SMART goals that you will be accountable for. Don’t beat yourself up about making some mistakes along the way and treat failure as a way learning new ways of change that build resilience.


Now sit back, CHILL OUT and have a Maui Bliss.  We recommend the Maui Bliss as both a relaxation tonic and a sleep tonic.  The hemp oil and Chamomile assist with unwinding and releasing your anxiety. 

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