Cold Showers Increases Dopamine Levels By 250%


Cold showers increase Dopamine levels by 250% and can reduce heart rates by 20 beats per minute for extended hours

Research suggests that noradrenaline helps counter anxiety and depression, and dopamine plays a key role in feelings of motivation and reward, creating a natural high.

Other of benefits of research ,indicates that higher levels of noradrenaline could reduce inflammation, and enduring cold showers may also increase so-called “brown fat,” which is associated with lower body fat. A recent study suggests that cold water immersion can also buffer the immune system

Try starting your day with a cold shower for up to 2 minutes, reap the benefits see how good you will feel from the dopamine effect and it’s all for free.

Paul Todd (Coach Toddy)
Elite Athlete Wellbeing Manager
NLP & Accountability Coach

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