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MEET MR TODDY Our new Specialist Wellbeing Manager for Mrs Toddy’s

MEET MR TODDY Our new Specialist Wellbeing Manager for Mrs Toddy’s

A pioneer in the Sydney personal training industry in the early 80’s, Mr Toddy has always loved helping people with their health and Wellness and assisting them to achieve their goals.

After 25 years of training captains of industry, athletes and celebrities ,Paul left the PT industry to develop products under his own brand, Shadow Boxer, a device that anyone could use at home with his programs and sold over 250,000 units globally. Fast forward another 12 years and Paul started following his passion and studying the new Holistic Wellbeing Sciences through the prestigious Wellbeing Science Institute and Yale University.

Turning 60 next year, Mr Toddy’s new journey is enhancing the holistic wellbeing of others, through education and SMART goal setting. He uses a person-centred approach backed by evidence-based research such as Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Coaching and Self Determination Theory, so that each person he works with can find what works for them and move towards their true potential.


We look forward to his contribution to the Mrs Toddy’s community of exceptional individuals.

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