SLEEP DRINK How to Wind Down at the End of the Day

SLEEP DRINK How to Wind Down at the End of the Day

Lets talk about SLEEP.  8 hours of sleep a night is essential for functioning on a daily basis.  Lack of sleep is caused by stress, anxiety or the use of stimulants such as coffee or tea. 

Maui Bliss is an assistive relaxant and Sleep drink.  The peak time when we need to start aiding our body to unwind is 3pm in the day.  We have worked closely with plant based medicine specialists working with active ingredients allowing the body to unwind whilst drinking our tonics.

Our main active ingredient in our special sleep tonic is HEMP OIL and chamomile.  The use of Juniper Berries and Butterfly Pea Tea creates a unique colour.

The history behind the creation of this drink is very cute and colourful.  Whilst living in Bali, Sophie needed to entertain her daughter and educate her whilst home schooling.  They used to go to a cafe called Peleton in Brawa which was a Vegan Plant based cafe.  They would order a tea called LOVE POTION.  The tea came in a 4-500ML Chemistry Beaker and it was Navy Blue.  On the side of the tea was a lemon.  If you squeeze the lemon into the beaker, the blue liquid would turn purple.  The colour and complexity of the purple would vary depending on the ph level of the lemon. 

Sophie's then 9 year old daughter used to love drinking Butterfly Pea Tea knowing its magical properties that it could change colour in the blink of an eye.

Mrs Toddy wants to help you close your eyes knowing that in the end the edge of the day will be wiped off drinking her Maui Bliss.


Enjoy xx

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