Which Health Drink is Best for your Child?

Which Health Drink is Best for your Child?

What health drink is best for a two year old? This question is often asked when enquiring about our plant based tonics.  All of our tonics are made with natural ingredients and there are no preservatives in our tonics.

Although natural it does not mean that your child is going to drink it, they mat nor like the texture or the flavour.

most people often say my child is a fussy eater, i was once told by my neighbour, no child is fussy, they are only fuss if the parent makes a fuss over the child not eating the food.  I have tried and tested this theory on my children, and I continually served broccoli, brussel sprouts, potatoes and beans. Guess what? They eat them all.  Persistence is the key with children and flavour profiles.

So what does that have to do with drinks you ask? Well a lot actually, the same princlple applies to drinks, leave them then after time their curiosity will kick in and they will drink whatever you put in front of them, or at least try it.

With our plant based tonics, I have children who love them all or some that only like one or two flavours.  My suggestion is always the GLOW TONIC - Kauai Glow.  It has a sweetness with a water base which is relatable to children. A great treat for a night out at dinner or when you have guests over.

Without a doubt, water is by far the best drink any child can have. 

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